DeskFlex is cloud-based scheduling software that lets users book office space on the go. This software also allows users to change their reservations and manage files anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based software also integrates with Microsoft’s Office 365 service. This makes DeskFlex a convenient choice for organizations with a large amount of workspace.

DeskFlex is a great option for businesses in various sectors, such as the healthcare industry, education, and enterprises. Its cloud-based system also integrates with other office equipment like Avaya Communication Systems. Its COVID-compliant functions help users avoid conflicts over workspace utilization.

Another benefit of DeskFlex is its ability to customize the software to fit the office space. The software allows employees to reserve desks, conference rooms, and other office spaces as needed. The system also allows employees to log into the system to check on their reservations. The system also helps companies to manage their workspace and reduce unnecessary expenses.

DeskFlex is enterprise-level software that makes it easy for you to rent out workspaces and rooms for your employees. DeskFlex can help you cut costs, maximize space, and improve employee productivity. With DeskFlex, you can schedule reservations, track them, and change them with just a few clicks.

The system features a touchscreen interface that lets you quickly explore its features. You can even check the status of your reservation by simply scanning a QR code from the mobile app. In addition to helping you to keep track of bookings, DeskFlex can also make it easier to transition back into the office following COVID lockdowns. With the touch of a button, you can stay productive and prevent the spread of infection.

DeskFlex has an expanding list of customers. The company recently expanded its global footprint by hiring more account managers. It is now experiencing an increase in calls from companies in Europe, as well as increasing virtual demonstrations and product requests. As part of this effort, DeskFlex plans to open an office in Dublin, Ireland.

DeskFlex, a cloud-based mission-critical software platform, is launching a COVID-compliant vaccine management solution. The new feature will track the vaccination of team members. Additionally, it will support health surveys and frequently asked questions. Using this new feature will make it much easier to manage COVID-compliant vaccination tracking in the workplace.

DeskFlex is a mission-critical cloud computing solution provider and is constantly adding new features and functions. It recently added a new feature to help healthcare organizations manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The software is now COVID-compliant, which means it meets the strict health and safety requirements for healthcare workers.

DeskFlex’s COVID-compliant software helps organizations secure their workplaces while organizing teams. The COVID-compliant room scheduling software allows organizations to track employee COVID vaccination records and decrease the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, the software helps organizations better utilize their office space. The system can help employees reserve phone lines, desk space, and inventory.


DeskFlex hot desk booking software helps you maximize your office space by allowing employees to reserve desks and monitor usage. It also generates reports that show you how efficiently you use office space. These reports can help you make important decisions about space planning and redesigning your workspace. It also saves you money by reducing the number of desks you need to rent.

DeskFlex offers a simple-to-use web-based system for booking office desks and meeting rooms. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to reserve and track workspace resources and minimizes conflict. The user-friendly system also lets you create recurring reservations and changes easily.


DeskFlex Integrations provide organizations with a variety of tools to help manage their workspaces. These tools help employees find and book office tables and desks, and they also enable office managers to reduce their rent costs. DeskFlex features include check-in, a floor map with point-and-click navigation, local kiosks, Outlook integration, conference room scheduling, and more.

DeskFlex Integrations allow businesses to integrate their space management solution into their existing IT systems. Using DeskFlex, businesses can reduce their real estate costs and improve employee productivity. The software helps companies manage their desks by making them available to staff when they need them. It also helps businesses better utilize available space and prevent overbooking. The software also makes it easy to update and modify reservations.

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