Net Worth $4 million
Date of Birth: July 4, 1970
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5" in
Profession: Sportscaster and Sports Talk Show Host
Nationality: American

Is anyone surprised that Scott Van Pelt is worth millions of dollars? The ESPN sportscaster has been a fixture on our screens for years and has undoubtedly made a good name. With net worths like this, it’s no wonder so many celebrities are flocking to sports broadcasting! Read on to find out just how much money Van Pelt has amassed.

Scott Van Pelt Biography

  • Scott Van Pelt is an American sportscaster and television host. He is best known for his work with ESPN, where he currently anchors the 11 pm edition of SportsCenter.
  • Van Pelt graduated from the University of Maryland in 1988 with a degree in radio and television. He began his career as a sports director at WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C., before joining CNN Sports Tonight as a reporter and anchor in 1991.
  • In 2001, Van Pelt moved to ESPN, where he has since become one of the most recognizable faces on the network. His resume now includes hosting duty on golf coverage, college football and basketball games, and NFL Countdown.

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Scott Van Pelt Personal life:

Scott Van Pelt is married to Stephanie Van Pelt, with whom he has two children. The family resides in Bristol, Connecticut.

Scott Van Pelt Professional Career

  • Scott Van Pelt is a sportscaster for ESPN. He has worked for the network since 2001 and has been the co-host of SportsCenter since 2009.
  • In South Bend, Indiana, Van Pelt was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. After graduating from Muskegon Heights High School, he attended the University of Maryland, College Park, where he played college football as a wide receiver for the Terrapins. While still an undergraduate at Maryland, he began his broadcasting career, doing play-by-play for Terrapin football and basketball on radio station WMUC.
  • After graduating from Maryland in 1995, Van Pelt briefly worked as a sports anchor at WTTG in Washington D.C.

Scott Van Pelt Facts:

  • Scott Van Pelt is worth an estimated $15 million.
  • He has been with ESPN since 2001.
  • Scott Van Pelt is married to Stephanie Van Pelt, with whom he has two children.
  • The family resides in Bristol, Connecticut.

How Old is Scott Van Pelt?

Scott Van Pelt is 47 years old. He was born on July 4, 1970.

Scott Van Pelt’s Net Worth

Scott Van Pelt’s net worth is $4 million

Scott Van Pelt Salary:

Scott Van Pelt’s salary is $1.5 million per year.

Scott Van Pelt Height:

6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters)

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Scott Van Pelt Net Worth Biography

Is Scott Van Pelt Single? 

No, Scott Van Pelt is not single.

Scott Van Pelt Achievements

  • Scott Van Pelt is one of the most popular and respected sports commentators globally. He has worked for ESPN since 2001, covering a variety of sports, including golf, college football, and basketball. Van Pelt also hosts his radio show, “The Scott Van Pelt Show.” 
  • Van Pelt’s career began as a newspaper reporter, working for The Washington Post from 1990 to 2000. He then transitioned to television, joining ESPN in 2001 as a co-anchor of SportsCenter. In 2005, he became the solo anchor of the 1:00 am edition of SportsCenter.Van Pelt has won several awards for his work as a sports commentator, including a National Sports Media Association Award in 2006 and 2011

Scott Van Pelt Social Media

Scott Van Pelt Hobbies

Van Pelt’s hobbies include golf and fishing.

Scott Van Pelt Education:

Scott Van Pelt attended the University of Maryland, College Park. He graduated in 1988 with a degree in radio and television.

Scott Van Pelt Relationship Status

Scott Van Pelt is married to Stephanie Van Pelt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scott Van Pelt's ethnicity?

Scott Van Pelt is white.

How many cars does Scott Van Pelt have?

Scott Van Pelt has two cars.

How many siblings does Scott Van Pelt have?

Scott Van Pelt has three siblings.

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