Net Worth $5 million
Date of Birth: May 8, 1953
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Profession: Actress
Nationality: American


Lily Rose Depp is one of the most up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood today. With a net worth of $5 million, she is definitely one to watch in the years to come. She has starred in several films and TV shows, and her talent is undeniable. Her parents, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, are both actors and singers, so it’s no surprise that Lily Rose has followed in their footsteps. She is definitely a star on the rise!

Lily Rose Depp Biography:

Lily-Rose Melody Depp was born on May 27, 1999 in Paris, France. She is the daughter of American actor Johnny Depp and French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis. Lily Rose has one sibling, John Christopher “Jack” Depp III.

Depp began her career appearing in a music video for her mother’s song “Joe le Taxi” when she was just seven months old. From there, she went on to appear in a number of other music videos and commercials. In 2015, she made her feature film debut in Tusk (directed by Kevin Smith), followed by Yoga Hosers the following year.

In 2017, Lily-Rose starred opposite her father in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The movie was a box office hit, grossing over $795 million worldwide. She also had a role in the Netflix series The Edge of Seventeen.

Lily Rose Depp Personal life:

Lily-Rose Depp is currently dating actor Ash Stymest. The couple has been together since early 2018.Depp is fluent in both English and French.

Lily Rose Depp Professional Career:

  •  Lily Rose Depp is an American actress and model.
  • Depp made her acting debut in 2015, starring as a lead in Tusk, directed by Kevin Smith. The film premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Depp played opposite Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks.
  • In 2016, Lily co-starred with Dane DeHaan in the German-American romantic comedy A Cure for Wellness, which was filmed in Germany and released on February 17th, 2017. She also had a cameo role in Harley Quinn’s first solo movie Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which was released on February 7th, 2020.
  • Lily Rose Depp’s upcoming projects include The King and The Dancing Plague of 1518.

Lily Rose Depp Facts:

  • Lily Rose Depp is the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis.
  • She has one older brother, John “Jack” Christopher Depp III.
  • Lily Rose began her acting career in 2015 with a lead role in the film Tusk.

How Old is Lily Rose Depp?

Lily Rose Depp is currently 21 years old.

Lily Rose Depp Net Worth:

Lily Rose Depp has a net worth of $5 million.

Lily Rose Depp Height:

Lily Rose Depp is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Is Lily Rose Depp Single? 

Lily Rose Depp is currently in a relationship with actor Ash Stymest.

Lily Rose Depp Achievements:

  • Lily Rose Depp is an American actress and model. She made her acting debut in 2016 with a minor role in the drama film “The Dancer”.
  • In 2017, she had a lead role in the teen comedy film “Yoga Hosers”. Depp will also appear as one of the leads in Kevin Smith’s upcoming horror film “Tusk”, and will play opposite Dane DeHaan in Antonio Campos' thriller film “Suicide Squad”.
  • Depp was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of American actors Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Her godfather is actor Marlon Brando. Lily Rose Depp is of French descent on her father’s side.

Lily Rose Depp Social Media

Lily Rose Depp Hobbies:

Some of Lily Rose Depp’s hobbies include spending time with her family and friends, listening to music, and going to the beach.

Lily Rose Depp Education:

Lily Rose Depp was homeschooled.

Lily Rose Depp Relationship Status:


Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars does Lily Rose Depp have?

Lily Rose Depp has 2 cars.

What is Lily Rose Depp's favorite color?

Lily Rose Depp’s favorite color is Blue.

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