Net Worth $50 million
Date of Birth: February 17, 1963
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10 Inch
Profession: Comedian
Nationality: American


Larry, the Cable Guy, is one of the wealthiest comedians in America with an estimated net worth of $50 million. Despite his blue-collar persona, Larry is a shrewd businessman who has leveraged his fame into various successful ventures. Larry has built an empire that few can match, from movies and T.V. shows to merchandise and endorsements. Here we’ll look at how he did it and what you can learn from his example.

Larry the Cable Guy Biography:

Larry, the Cable Guy, was born Daniel Lawrence Whitney on February 17, 1963, in Pawnee City, Nebraska. He grew up in Nebraska and West Palm Beach, Florida, where he attended Palm Beach High School. Larry is a huge fan of the WWE and even once appeared at Wrestlemania 23 as a promotion for his appearance in The Marine. Larry’s first foray into comedy began as a radio host on a local station in Palm Beach.

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Larry the Cable Guy Personal life:

Larry has never been married. He was engaged in 2002 to Jamie Kern Lima, who he dated for three years. Many of his fans were shocked when it was announced in 2009 that Larry had begun a relationship with Grammy Award-winning artist Sherri Goodman. The relationship caused some controversy because she is 31 years younger than him and the daughter of a longtime friend. Larry and Sherri have since married. However, it is also worth noting that he was previously married to Cara Whitney in 1980.

Larry the Cable Guy Professional Career

In 1993, Larry began doing stand-up comedy. At first, he was strictly a blue-collar comedian who poked fun at the stereotypes of rural Americans. As his career evolved, Larry became known for blending his raunchy material with a redneck character named “Git-R-Done.” In 2003, Larry released the first of his many comedy albums, and he has since released three more albums and one live album.

Larry the Cable Guy Facts:

  • Larry, the Cable Guy, has appeared in five of his stand-up specials. They are:
  • Larry the Cable Guy’s Completely Inspired Version of ‘The Nutcracker’ Starring Larry The Cable Guy" (2004)

How Old is Larry the Cable Guy?

He is 59 years old (born on February 17, 1963).

Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth:

Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Larry the Cable Guy Salary:

Larry, the Cable Guy, is reported to earn $20 million each year for his work on Blue Collar TV.

Larry the Cable Guy Height:

Larry, the Cable Guy, is 5' 10" tall.

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Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth Biography

Is Larry the Cable Guy Single? 

In 2009 Larry began dating Grammy Award-winning artist Sherri Goodman. The couple was married in 2013 and currently resides together in Florida.

Larry the Cable Guy Achievements:

Larry, the Cable Guy, has appeared in five of his stand-up specials. He is also one of the co-stars and producers on Blue Collar TV. Larry released three more albums and one live album throughout his career and was credited as a producer for The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps.

Larry the Cable Guy Social Media

Larry the Cable Guy Hobbies:

Larry, the Cable Guy, is a huge WWE fan.

Larry the Cable Guy Education:

Larry, the Cable Guy, is a Palm Beach High School and West Palm Beach Community College graduate.

Larry the Cable Guy Relationship Status:

Larry, the Cable Guy, is currently married to Cara Whitney.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Larry the Cable Guy make a year?

Larry, the Cable Guy, earns $20 million per year.

How many cars does Larry the Cable Guy have?

Larry, the Cable Guy, currently has four cars. Three of his cars are Cadillacs, and one is a large truck.

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