Net Worth $50 million
Date of Birth: May 4, 1975
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9" in
Profession: Model, Actor, Writer, Producer, Fashion Designer
Nationality: American


What’s the net worth of Kimora Lee Simmons? We took a look at her career, from her early days as a model to her current work as a fashion designer and businesswoman, to find out. Here’s what we found.

Kimora Lee Simmons Biography

Kimora Lee Simmons was born on May 4, 1975, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents divorced when she was just five years old, and she and her siblings were raised by their mother. In 1992, Simmons entered New York University to study economics. There, she met Russell Simmons (no relation), the founder of Def Jam Records.

Russell Simmons offered Kimora a job as an intern at his company, and the following year she became his assistant. She eventually moved up the ranks to become Vice President of Marketing for the record label. In 1998, she married Russell Simmons and quit her job at Def Jam to start her fashion line, Baby Phat.

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Kimora Lee Simmons Personal life

Kimora Lee Simmons is widely known as a model, actress, and fashion designer. Many people don’t know about her because she’s also a successful businesswoman. In 2003, she founded KLS Enterprises, LLC, a multimillion-dollar corporation interested in the fashion industry, cosmetics, and the media.

Simmons is married to hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, and they have two daughters together. They’re very active in their community and are always giving back as a family. In 2009, they established the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, providing arts education programming to underprivileged youth.

Kimora Lee Simmons Professional Career

Kimora Lee Simmons is known for her work as a model, fashion designer, and television personality. She has also had a successful career as an entrepreneur, launching her clothing line and perfume brand. Kimora is currently the President and Creative Director of Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons LLC.

Kimora Lee Simmons Facts:

  1. Kimora Lee Simmons is worth an estimated $50 million.
  2. She has worked as a model, actress, fashion designer, and television personality.
  3. Simmons is the President and Creative Director of Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons LLC.

How Old is Kimora Lee Simmons?

Kimora Lee Simmons is 45 years old.

Kimora Lee Simmons Net Worth:

$50 Million

Kimora Lee Simmons Salary:

Her salary is around 6 million per year.

Kimora Lee Simmons Height:

She is 5'9" in height.

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Kimora Lee Simmons Net Worth Biography

Is Kimora Lee Simmons Single? 

No, she is married to Russell Simmons.

Kimora Lee Simmons Achievements

Kimora Lee Simmons was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and began her career as a model at 14. She has appeared on the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. She has also walked the runway for designers such as Chanel, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. In 1998, Simmons founded her fashion label, KLS Collection.

In addition to her work in fashion, Simmons has also had a successful career in television. She hosted MTV’s House of Style from 1998 to 2002 and Life with Kimora from 2006 to 2009.

Kimora Lee Simmons Social Media

Kimora Lee Simmons Hobbies:

Fashion, modeling, business, philanthropy.

Kimora Lee Simmons Education

Kimora Lee Simmons is a self-made woman who has built an impressive career for herself. While she didn’t complete college, she has used her platform to become a successful businesswoman, model, and designer. She is an inspiration to many young women looking to forge their path in life.

Kimora Lee Simmons Relationship Status:

Married to Russell Simmons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Kimora Lee Simmons Favorite Things?

Fashion, beauty, and her family.

What is Kimora Lee Simmons' ethnicity?

Kimora Lee Simmons is African American.

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