Net Worth $30 million
Date of Birth: 1981
Gender: Male
Height: 6 Feet 1in
Profession: Singer
Nationality: American


You might know Kelly Rowland as one of the lead singers in Destiny’s Child, or from her solo career. But did you know that she’s also been married for six years now? And what about her husband’s net worth - just how much is he worth? Let’s take a closer look at Kelly Rowland’s husband and find out more about his impressive net worth.

Kelly Rowland Husband Biography:

Tim Witherspoon is kelly Rowland husband , they have been married since 2014.

Timothy is an American music talent manager and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Tim recently ARTium Recordings, a Recording Label Company. Witherspoon has worked with various top recording artists including Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Ruff Ryders and Bad Boy Records.

Kelly Rowland rose to fame as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, one of the world’s best-selling girl groups of all time. With hits like “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor” and “Bootylicious,” the group sold more than 60 million records and won four Grammy Awards.

Kelly has also had a successful solo career, with hits like “Dilemma” featuring Nelly, “Work” and “Kisses Down Low.” Her most recent album, Talk a Good Game, was released in 2013.

Kelly Rowland Husband Personal life:

Kelly and Tim met through mutual friends in the music industry. They hit it off immediately and began dating shortly thereafter. They kept their relationship relatively private, but they were often seen attending red carpet events and music industry functions together. In 2013, rumors began to circulate that the couple was planning to get married.

Kelly Rowland Husband Professional Career:

Tim Witherspoon is a highly successful American businessman and entrepreneur. He owns several businesses, including a construction company and a real estate development firm. Witherspoon also has a keen interest in sports, and he is the co-owner of a professional basketball team.

Kelly Rowland is one of the most talented and successful singers in the world. She has enjoyed huge commercial success both in the United States and internationally. Rowland is also noted for her work as an actress and television personality.

The couple met in 2006 and married in 2014. They are parents to two beautiful children. The family resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kelly Rowland Husband Facts:

  1. Tim Witherspoon is Kelly Rowland’s husband of six years.
  2. Tim is a highly successful American businessman and entrepreneur.
  3. Tim owns several businesses, including a construction company and a real estate development firm.

How Old is Kelly Rowland Husband?

Kelly Rowland Husband Tim Witherspoon is 42 years old.

Kelly Rowland Husband Net Worth:

Tim Witherspoon has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Kelly Rowland Husband Salary:

There is no information available about Tim Witherspoon’s salary.

Kelly Rowland Husband Height:

Tim Witherspoon is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Kelly Rowland Husband Biography

Is Kelly Rowland Husband Single? 

No, Kelly Rowland is married to Tim Witherspoon.

Kelly Rowland Husband Achievements:

Here are some of Tim Witherspoon’s main achievements:

- Tim co-founded the successful music marketing company Street King Entity LLC. This company has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and Akon.

- Tim was responsible for helping Kelly Rowland launch her solo career. He helped her get signed to Universal Motown Records, and he also served as her manager.

Kelly Rowland Husband Social Media:

Twitter account is with the user name of KELLYROWLAND

Instagram account is with the user name of kellyrowland

Kelly Rowland Husband Hobbies:

Tim Witherspoon enjoys playing basketball and golf. He is also interested in cars and fashion.

Kelly Rowland Husband Education:

Tim Witherspoon graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Kelly Rowland Husband Relationship Status


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Name of Kelly Rowland Husband's First Child?

The couple’s first child is named Titan Jewell Witherspoon.

When Is Kelly Rowland Husband's Birthday?

Tim Witherspoon’s birthday is on December 13th.

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