Net Worth $15 million
Date of Birth: September 8, 1981
Gender: Male
Height: 6 Inches
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American


Jonathan Taylor Thomas is an American actor popularly known for his role in the hit T.V. show Home Improvement. After leaving the show, he focused on his education and graduated from Princeton University in 2000. Due to his popularity and talent, his net worth has grown substantially over the years and is now estimated to be $15 million. Here’s a closer look at Jonathan’s career and how he amassed such a large fortune.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Biography:

On September 8, 1981, Jonathan was born in Pasadena, California, to a middle-class Christian family. The actor grew up with his parents and an older brother, three years older than him. He completed his high school education at Pound Ridge High School and attended Princeton University, where he majored at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He was a part of the theatre program at his alma mater.

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Personal life:

Jonathan first met his future wife, Melissa Joan Hart, in 1993. The two were working on a movie together called I’ll Take Manhattan. Despite initial reservations from her parents, the couple tied the knot five years later and had three children - Caleb (born 2004), Braydon(born 2007), and Mason(born 2010). Jonathan works as a director at his wife’s production company, Heartbreak Films.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Career:

After spending time in Hollywood trying to find jobs, Jonathan landed the role of Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, which propelled him to fame. The show ran for eight seasons, after which he decided to focus on his education. He received several offers immediately after announcing his decision to leave the show, worth $10 million.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Facts:

  1. Jonathan was offered a role in the television series Dawson’s Creek after he left Home Improvement
  2. He is an alumnus of Princeton University
  3. Jonathan wrote, directed, and produced the short film The Failure Club in 2012, which starred his wife, Melissa Joan Hart

How Old is Jonathan Taylor Thomas? 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 40 years old.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Salary:

The Home Improvement actor’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Height:

The actor stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches. 

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Net Worth Biography

Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Single?  

Jonathan is not single; he is married to actress Melissa Joan Hart, his co-star in Home Improvement’s T.V. show. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Achievements:

  1. Jonathan became a household name after he landed the role of Randy Taylor on Home Improvement.
  2. He is the youngest person to have written, directed, and produced a feature film titled The Better Man in 1999, which was based on his personal experiences.
  3. He has won several awards, including Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a T.V. Comedy Series. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Social Media

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Hobbies:

Besides Acting, Jonathan is an avid reader and enjoys playing golf. 

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Education:

Jonathan attended the prestigious Princeton University, where he majored in Public and International Affairs. He graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in 2000.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Relationship Status:

Jonathan is married to actress, producer, and director Melissa Joan Hart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars does Jonathan Taylor Thomas have?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas does not own any car.

Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas religious?

The actor is a Christian and often talks about his experiences with Christianity.

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