Net Worth $600 million
Date of Birth: 29 November 1968
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet and 1 in
Profession: Actor
Nationality: America


Howard Stern is one of the most successful radio personalities in America. He has a net worth of $600 million, making him one of the richest people in the country. Stern’s success comes from his long-running radio show, which has been on the air since 1986.

In addition to his radio show, Stern has also starred in several films and T.V. shows. He is considered one of the most influential figures in American entertainment. Stern remains a controversial figure despite his wealth and success due to his often offensive humor. Nevertheless, he is one of the most popular entertainers in America.

Howard k Stern Biography:

Howard Kevin Stern is an American attorney and businessman. He is best known for being the initial attorney and later Minister of Information for the late pop star Michael Jackson.

Stern was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 29, 1968, to Sidney Stern, a Dodger fan and postal worker, and Joanne Victoria (Klein), who Stern described as “a Jewish mom with all the answers.” He volunteered at a law firm where he answered phones as a teenager.

He later attended college at Oregon State University on a full football scholarship before transferring to Pepperdine School of Law. While interning at Lavely & Singer during law school, Stern was asked to work for one of their clients: burgeoning pop star Michael Jackson.

Stern went on to represent many of the biggest names in entertainment, including Howard Stern himself. He served as the publicist for both Michael and Janet Jackson’s tours and worked closely with them for over a decade.

Howard k Stern Personal life:

In 1998, Stern married model and actress Beth Ostrosky. The couple has two children together and currently resides in New York City. Despite his success and wealth, Stern remains a family man who prioritizes spending time with his loved ones. He is also an avid animal lover who has been involved in various charity work.

Howard k Stern Professional Career:

Howard K. Stern is best known for being the attorney and close friend of late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. However, he has also had a successful career in law and media.

Stern graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1992 and immediately went to work as a lawyer at Lavely & Singer, a prestigious entertainment law firm in Los Angeles. He first gained notoriety when he successfully represented Smith in her highly publicized court battle against Penthouse magazine over an alleged unauthorized publication of her photographs.

In 2004, Stern co-produced and starred in an E! reality television show about Smith’s life called “Anna Nicole.” The show was a rating hit but was canceled after only one season due to Smith’s untimely death.

In 2006, Stern wrote a book about his experiences with Smith titled “Anna Nicole Smith: Train Wreck.” The book was a New York Times bestseller and was made into a Lifetime television movie in 2013.

Howard k Stern Facts:

  • Howard Stern has a net worth of $600 million.
  • Howard Stern is one of the richest people in America.
  • Howard Stern’s radio show has been on the air since 1986.
  • In addition to his radio show, Stern has also starred in several films and T.V. shows. 

How Old is Howard k Stern?

Howard k Stern is 51 years old.

Howard k Stern Net Worth:

Howard k Stern is one of the richest people in America, with a net worth estimated to be around $600 million.

Howard k Stern Salary:

Howard k Stern does not currently have a salary, as he is retired from his legal and media careers.

Howard k Stern Height:

Howard k Stern is 6 feet tall.

Howard K Stern Net Worth Biography

Is Howard k Stern Single? 

Howard k Stern is currently married to Beth Ostrosky.

Howard k Stern Achievements:

Howard K. Stern is best known for his long-standing relationship with the late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. From 2006 until she died in 2007, he was primarily responsible for her public image and overall wellbeing. 

Stern first met Smith in the early 1990s when she was working as a stripper in Houston, Texas. They hit it off immediately and began dating shortly after that, and Stern helped launch her modeling career and later became her manager. 

In 1994, Stern accompanied Smith to the 31st Annual Grammy Awards, where she caused a sensation on the red carpet. The two continued to make headlines together over the next few years as their relationship became more high-profile. 

Howard k Stern Social Media

Howard k Stern Hobbies:

Howard k Stern’s hobbies include spending time with his family, listening to music, and watching television shows.

Howard k Stern Education:

Howard k Stern graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1992. He then worked as an attorney at Lavely & Singer, a prestigious entertainment law firm in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, Howard k Stern achieved incredible professional success and wealth due to his hard work and dedication.

Howard k Stern Relationship Status:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Howard k Stern's ethnicity?

Howard k Stern is Jewish.

How many cars does Howard k Stern have?

Howard k stern has two cars.

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