Net Worth $04 million
Date of Birth: Ken Walker: August 12, 1994, De'arra Taylor: April 17, 1996
Gender: Ken: Male, De'arra: Female
Height: Ken is 6’0”, De’arra is 5’7”
Profession: Youtubers, Social Media Star
Nationality: American

De’arra and Ken are one of the most famous couples on YouTube. They’re also one of the richest, with a net worth estimated at $4 million. How did they make their money? Let’s take a look.

De’arra and Ken Biography

De’arra and Ken are well-known social media personalities who got their start on Vine. They’re now married and have a hugely popular YouTube channel called “De’arra and Ken 4 Life.” They post vlogs, DIY videos, and fun stuff on their track! They have a large following because they’re super relatable and always have a blast – no matter what they’re doing. Check out their channel if you want to see it for yourself!

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De’arra and Ken Personal life:

No, they broke up. They are both singles at this time.

De’arra and Ken Professional Career

De’arra and Ken are two YouTubers who have made a career out of their relationship. They started by filming couples pranks and challenges but have since branched out into vlogs, cooking videos, and even a bit of travel. Though they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, it’s always interesting to see where their next video will take them!

De’arra and Ken Facts 

  • De’arra and Ken are the most iconic couple on YouTube.
  • They first met in person in December of 2013 and started dating in January 2014.
  • Ken has been quoted as saying that he fell in love with De’arra when he saw her video resume.
  • In November of 2014, they moved in together.

How Old are De’arra and Ken?

De’arra is 26 years old, and Ken is 28 years old.

De’arra and Ken Net Worth:

De’arra and Ken have a net worth of $4 million.

De’arra and Ken Salary:

De’arra and Ken are two of the wealthiest YouTubers out there, with a net worth of $4 million.

De’arra and Ken Height:

De’arra is 5’7”, and Ken is 6’0”.

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De’arra And Ken Net Worth Biography

Is De‘arra and Ken Single?

No, they broke up. They are both singles at this time.

De’arra and Ken Achievements 

De’arra and Ken have achieved a lot in their lives so far! They’ve built successful businesses, traveled the world, and helped others achieve their dreams. No matter what life throws at them, they always find a way to succeed. They’re an inspiration to us all!

De’arra and Ken Social Media

De’arra and Ken Hobbies:

De’arra and Ken are outdoor enthusiasts and love spending time in the sun! They also like to stay active, so you can often find them hiking, biking, or swimming. They also enjoy playing video games, watching movies, and spending time with family in their free time.

De’arra and Ken Education:

Ken went to the University of Texas at Arlington, and De’arra went to Southern Methodist University. 

De’arra and Ken Relationship Status

No, they broke up. They are both singles at this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Ethnicity are De'arra and Ken?

De’arra is African-American, and Ken is Caucasian.

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