Net Worth $42 million
Date of Birth: August 24, 1973
Gender: Male
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Profession: Comedian
Nationality: American


Dave Chappelle has always been a private individual, rarely giving insights into his personal life. So it’s been quite a surprise that in the past year he has started to open up about his earnings and net worth. According to various reports, Dave Chappelle is now worth an estimated $42 million dollars. What exactly led to this massive increase in net worth? Let’s take a closer look.

Dave Chappelle Biography:

Dave Chappelle started off his career as a stand-up comedian in the 90s, appearing on multiple TV shows. In 2004, he starred in his self-titled show “Chappelle’s Show”, which certainly helped him boost his net worth. The show was an instant hit and even won a Peabody Award.

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Dave Chappelle Personal life:

Dave Chappelle’s personal life has been less happy. In 2005, he abruptly left during production of his third season and traveled to South Africa. By 2006, the show was officially cancelled. He later explained that a combination of working on the show and filming a movie caused his creativity to dry up.

Dave Chappelle Professional Career:

After returning to the United States, Dave Chappelle has since focused on stand-up comedy. He continues to tour and in 2012 he even started his own radio show “The World According To Dave” where he shares his thoughts about politics, pop culture, and more.

Dave Chappelle Facts:

  • His family name is usually spelled Chappelle but his ancestors actually spelled it, Chapelle
  • Before becoming famous, he worked as a dishwasher and later as a busboy at Silver Diner
  • He has two children, named Sonal and Ava
  • His first stand-up performance was at an open mic night.

How Old is Dave Chappelle?

Dave Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973. He is currently 48 years old.

Dave Chappelle Net Worth:

As stated earlier, Dave Chappelle is now worth an estimated $42 million.

Dave Chappelle Salary:

Dave Chappelle reportedly makes $20 million just from his stand-up comedy shows.

Dave Chappelle Height:

Dave Chappelle is 5'11, or 180 cm tall.

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Dave Chappelle Net Worth Biography

Is Dave Chappelle Single?

Dave Chappelle has been married to Elaine Mendoza Erfe since 2000. The couple has two children together, named Sonal and Ava.

Dave Chappelle Achievements:

  • In 2011, he was awarded a Peabody Award for his show “Chappelle’s Show”
  • In 2013, he wrote a parody of Kanye West’s “Bound 2”, called “Bound 1”

Dave Chappelle Social Media

Dave Chappelle Hobbies:

Dave Chappelle likes to cook and is known for making delicious meals. He is also a talented artist, painting landscapes in his free time.

Dave Chappelle Education:

Dave Chappelle attended high school in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Dave Chappelle Relationship Status:

Dave Chappelle is currently married to Elaine Mendoza Erfe. They have two children together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars does Dave Chappelle have?

There’s no information about that. You can find more celebrity car news here on Celebrity Carz.

How much money does Dave Chappelle make a year?

In 2011, Dave Chappelle made $20 million just from his stand-up comedy shows.

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